Frequently Asked Questions - Alligator Laundry

1. Place all your clothes in a bag.

- If Placing order for the first time you can use any bag. Your bag will be returned and your clothes will be brought back in an Alligator Laundry bag.

2. Get ready for Pick Up.

- Please place your bag(s) at the pick-up & drop off location at least 30 minutes before scheduled pick up as our driver may arrive ahead of schedule.

Our turnaround time is two business days for most items. Depending on your location, we’ll either pick up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Pickups and deliveries will generally be made between 6:00am-11:00pm.

You may select between scented and unscented products as well as some other brands.
We recommend unscented for babies or people with sensitive skin.

Please write special instructions in the special text box that is for you requests.
If for some reason we are not able to accommodate your requests we will let you know.

Currently we do not , but as our business grows will offer a dry cleaning service. We will notify you once that happens.