Alligator Laundry Services – Reviews & Testimonials

"Very clean and nice machines. I got a good deal and it was very easy to use. They have a sitting area and also vending machines with both drinks and snacks. The vending machines got me! A variety of machines for all different load sizes. Uses a card system, not coins. Would recommend!"

"I love that this laundry business accepts cards. Long gone are the days that you have to carry your bag full of coins! The location is new, clean, the machines wash very well, and there is always parking."

"Yes, yes and yes- this is the cleanest laundry I know. New Machines, surprising prices, good deals, rest area, everything new, clean and taken care of. Nice and helpful staff, several plasmas on a walls,vending machines make your laundry process very comfortable. I am very picky when it comes to cleanliness. Here I was completely satisfied and of course I will definitely come again. Don't carry your coins anymore, they give plastic card and you can charge it right there using credit, debit cards, cash and I think it's great idea. The only thing I would like to change is to turn English channels on TVs too not Spanish only. Other than that everything is great."

"The AC is blasting and it's super clean in here. The lady who keeps up the place is really nice. And I got 8$ worth of washes for free. No complaints here. Most places dont turn on the AC... I'm most deff coming back here instead of my old spot."

"Someone really invested in this place and it paid off! Clean, very big area. Price and discounts are awesome. Washed 20 bucks worth of clothes and got 20 bucks more! Everything is done electronically so no worry about keeping your quarters in a Baggie lol Variety of vending machines and there's a 7-11 next door . And they have a touchtunes juke box . This place is modern and priced just right. Staff is awesome."